1. Graphics – Scrolling List

The Scrolling List example shows how to draw formatted text to a bitmap and then scroll that bitmap vertically in a panel, a pixel at a time.

2. Graphics – Screen Updating

A clock is used to show how to draw the image background separately from the image components that need to be updated periodically.  This process reduces the load on the system when the display is updated frequently.

3. User Input, Structures, Lists

The Grade Point Average example demonstrates the use of a simple structure for data management, user input validation, lists and listboxes, and a simple calculation.

4. Binary File Display

An example that reads the contents of a file and displays the contents in a formatted text box as hexadecimal and text.

5. Data Entry, Lists, Save and Restore

A template for a simple application that accepts input from the user, adds the data into a list, displays the items in the list, and saves the list on program shutdown so that is is automatically loaded on program restart.

6. Simple Text Printing

An example that shows how to create a component to simplify the printing process for any application that needs to print plain text.

7. Recursive Folder Search

Recursion is a simple and effective technique for searching in a heirarchy.  This example shows how to access the folder heirarchy to list all files and folders.  It can be used as a pattern for any similar recursive procedure.

8. Command-line Arguments

VB .Net provides easy access to the command that was used to start an application.

9. Duplicating Tab Pages

The Tab Control can simplify your forms layout, but it’s not obvious how to set it up for an unknown number of identical pages.  This example shows how.

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