1. Linked Control Properties.

Have you ever wanted a control property, such as text on a label, to automatically update whenever a similar property on another control changes?  With VB.Net you can do it the hard way – in code – or you can do it the easy way, in the designer.

2. Control Arrays

Programmers familiar with Visual Basic 6 are dismayed to find that the .Net designer doesn’t allow them to create arrays of controls – how can they get by without them?  Well, VB .Net does support control arrays, and they are just as easy to use as they were in VB6.

3. Subclassing / Inheritance

Enhancing existing controls with new features and functions is easy with .Net.

4. Drag and Drop

Providing your users with Drag and Drop options will make your applications more user friendly.


1. Method Attributes

Adding attributes to your custom control methods provides full integration with Visual Studio features.

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